WordPress / WooCommerce Technical Services

WordPress / WooCommerce Technical Services


WordPress is the most common CMS in the world.

Setting up a WordPress site can be easy - if you are satisfied with just a simple text-based website that filled with spams and security backdoors. Using a template is always cost-effective and quick to get your website up and running, but surely you will need some customizations to make it coherent with your contents. With our responsive web building and multimedia productions experience, we can help match and optimize your contents with any WordPress template you like.

  • Domain registration, WP Hosting Setup
  • Theme sourcing, Installation & Customization
  • Contents Editing & Optimization
  • WooCommerce Plugins & Payment Gateway setup
  • Site Administration, Operational Support & Backup
  • Regular Server Security Inspection
  • Hacked Site Clean-up
  • Site Migration (Hosting Change)
  • SSL (HTTPS) Setup

Introducing Our Clients and Projects

No technical knowledge is required to run your own site!


Tips for new starters:

  • Have at least some key contents drafted before doing anything. This helps get the right theme to start with.
  • If you start by first choosing themes, you will end up spending a long time on that without being able to come up with a decision.
  • A mobile friendly (responsive) and secure (https, see our site URL above) website will have better chances¬†ranking higher in Google Search results. It is good to make your new site secure at the very beginning.
  • A poorly maintained WordPress website can be vulnerable to hackers' attack. It is recommended that you reserve some budgets/hours to strengthen the server security when setting up a new site, and regularly perform health-check to make sure your site works well.

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